Dredge is an immersive gaming experience that invites you to embark on a thrilling journey of dark fishing, where you must delve into the enigmatic and ominous secrets concealed beneath the deep waters.

Travel through remote and forgotten islands with the help of a boat and dive into mysterious waters. Catch your prey and sell it to the locals, complete quests that shed light on the disturbing history of these places.

Equip your vessel with special equipment to seize rare fish in the deep sea and far away. However, be careful, as unexpected guests may board your ship under the cover of night.

Start your journey in the vastness of the big and small salt archipelagos. From there, head out to sea, scour the wrecks for valuable treasures, and dive to the very bottom to catch over 125 species of fish and other creatures. Unearth an extraordinary adventure that will captivate you until the final moments.