In the addictive indie terror game Killer Frequency, you play as an emergency operator tasked with saving lives from the terrifying Whistling Man. With a mixture of comedy and panic, you must utilize your quick thinking to solve puzzles and rescue endangered victims.

Ensure a successful ending for yourself by going through difficult trials and keep all the inhabitants, thereby completing the full version

Saving the townspeople and deciding mysteries

Killer Frequency begins with the call of the first sacrifice on The Scream Radio Show. Assistant Martinez is trapped with a key stuck in her cell and it’s up to you to help her escape using a weapon.

Sandra, the next victim, needs aid plugging in a car to run away the Sibilant Male. Take the Timberline Twins Talk Motors guide from the men’s room and guide her through the right steps.

Maurice is the hardest to save. He is locked in the office and musts your help, lure the killer into a trap and pay note to the clues, you will also receive a map where you can track their movements.

Dr. Virginia Sullivan at the frat party and orders the right takeaway food, obtains the keys that grant access to the staff room and then proceeds to locate the pizza box within the cafeteria cart., and gather information about the Grill Bar. Utilize hints and decipher.

In the maze, Eugene eagerly awaits his beloved, yet the slayer is on the way. Receive Eugene securely out of the labyrinth to the trash may be located at the front desk inside and tell him where to walk next.

Murphy’s top talk went wrong, as he challenged the maniac to a one-on-one battle. Aid Peggy with friends to get him out of the garbage can by determining who dwells nearer to the waste disposal plant, thus he will stay alive.

Carrie, seventh on the list of sacrifices, enters the murderer’s hideout, she hears his breathing and footsteps. Finding the friendship quiz behind the couch to plan her escape.

Find the Breaking Dawn recording, open the cellar and return to the studio. Use the info to choose the gas station as Chuck’s likely location, saving him and the others.

Solve puzzles in Clive’s room by uncovering useful information from clues found in the basement vault, behind the shelving, and on the Starling 2000 parlor. Give the “Alert Test Activation key” to Don during the phone speak.

Denouement of events

The last to be rescued was Jason, who needed an ambulance after the attack. Call the nurse at St. Gabriel’s Hospital and memorize important first aid information and go to the staff area and apply additional dressings.

Finally, as you approach the end of the play Killer Frequency game, create a diversion that keeps the slayer occupied until the police can successfully capture him. Finding the generator in the cellar and restoring the light. When Peggy disappears, Forrest resolves to interview the Whistling Man, thereby revealing his identity.

Killer Frequency Full Game