Killer Frequency greets you with its gloomy intro, painting a picture of an unremarkable alley with scattered debris, the creak of an iron door, the faint sound of forgotten or discarded records, and the eerie cry of a night bird. It seems that the road itself leads in an unknown direction.

As the play progresses, everything becomes calmer, as we godsend ourselves in a radio station. Here you are the main character named Forrest Nash, who was recently exiled from Chicago to the small town of Gallows Creek, where more than a thousand inhabitants’ life.

After you go live with a colleague, it would seem that you start a normal nighttime. However, things take a dark turn when the studio receives a call from a 911 emergency operator.

Everything is turned upside down

The operator transmits to you the horrific events that occurred in the police station, as a result of which all calls to the emergency service are redirected to where you live. Now, all is falling into place, you understand that this night will not only entertain the listeners, but also serve as a center of assistance from a murderer who unexpectedly appeared in the city.

You will take responsibility for managing the entire process by selecting the music on the air, inserting advertisements and most importantly, answering calls from victims. However, helping goes beyond just talking. In some cases, it is required that you leave the studio and explore other rooms in search of the desired items. Dialogues must be approached with care, as the wrong choice can have disastrous consequences.

Captivating atmosphere

This is what is truly captivating about Killer Frequency. The audio, visuals, disturbing revelations, and spooky situations that the victim’s godsend themselves in evoke a genuine sense of tension, thereby playing on your nerves like strings.

Exploring the premises, a strange feeling constantly arises, as if something terrible is waiting around every corner. In addition, wonderful 80s-style music, funny moments and pleasant voice acting enhance the experience even more.

Admittedly, the game Killer Frequency has some flaws, such as the predictability of the ending and the sometimes-slow pace. However, these aspects are overshadowed by the overall entertainment experience it offers, putting you in the shoes of a radio host who finds himself entangled in a series of mysterious and macabre events.

Killer Frequency