In the wintry forest, something lurks on snow-covered paths, watching from behind sinister trees and taking those it desires. It leaves disturbing rumors of screams, ghostly faces, horrific footprints, and missing children.

Those who heard the voice of the wood are deprived of any help. Their only way out is to plunge deeper into the chilling grip of horror and make the final choice in the chilling darkness: save their lives!

A fascinating non-linear visual game in the horror genre, a film adaptation of the story of the same name by Dmitry Mordas. The story takes place in a quiet and modest village, completely surrounded by the surrounding forest.

When the children mysteriously disappear, the protagonist, a sixth grader who recently moved to the area, unwittingly finds himself drawn into a series of nightmarish events, acting as both a witness and a participant.

Tiny Bunny