Night of the Consumers 2 immerses players in a chilling horror experience as they navigate a supermarket teeming with peculiar and unsettling customers.

You gradually descend into a nightmarish realm, where the air grows heavy with dread. As a dedicated night shift worker, your resilience will be put to the test, while dealing with ravenous clients who morph into monstrous creatures.

Prepare yourself for a frantic race against time as you try to elude the manager, who possesses an unnaturally swift pace. The supermarket, overrun by zombies, emanates an eerie aura that sends shivers down your spine.

Despite the unsettling circumstances, you must fulfill your duties diligently, learning to accept the bizarre occurrences as the norm, lest you face dire consequences. Embark on this bone-chilling embark on a voyage and ascertain whether you possess the bravery to face the daunting trials that lie ahead.