It’s an indie horror game where you spend your first day at Amber’s Park, a non-traditional fun kids’ camp.

Participate in comprehensive employee training as you get to know yours, and you also meet Sparky, who appears benevolent but holds a chilling secret – a monster lurks inside. Your survival depends on challenging puzzle solutions to neutralize the occurrence of your life’s biggest save.

Immerse yourself in an exciting universe full of mysterious creatures and unsettling surprises. Explore the hidden dimensions of the facility, find clues and unravel secrets with the help of the mindset that will help deactivate the sinister force that resides within Sparky.

Stay alert by responding quickly to Susie’s directions because every jump can be life or death inevitable. Get ready to go on an exciting adventure where danger and mystery intertwine, and your mind is your main advantage!

Sparky Marky: Episode 2